2014 – Celebration in Spain – Incognito

6670 kilometres away – The ‘Incognito’ dancers left, making a trip to sunny Spain, at Costa Brava resort, to the international Art Festival-competition “Celebration in Spain” in 2014.

The festival-contest in Lloret de Mar was conducted in a big theatre. Dancers, acrobats, singers and ensembles from various countries competed – Russia, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Spain, Ukraine, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Lithuania – represented by artistic expression school ‘Incognito’ (manager Virginia Medžiaušienė). Artists by the Spanish Royal Academy of Music faculty, famous Spanish flamenco dancers, the guests of honor, the city government. The contest lasted 5 hours and the results of the performances we found out after a few days at the gala concert.

‘Incognito’ were happy to become two third place winners and were awarded with cups, diplomas and an impressive personal Mayor prize. This was a big rating, as the competition had strong opponents…

The dancers not only successfully participated in the competition but also enjoyed: Slovenians impressive Postojna caves, Barcelona, where they saw the famous fountains, Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Santa Clotilde gardens, the bathing in the warm Mediterranean Sea, the tasting of a variety of Spanish dishes, the learning and the making of many friends from different countries. ‘Incognito’ will remember the experience of the journey for a long time.