2014 – Celebration in Spain – Children’s Art School Nr. 14

The group of the Children’s Art School Nr. 14 expresses gratitude to the company Monolit Festivals for the organisation of festival-competition “Celebration in Spain” 2014.

The kids really enjoyed the contest and the attitude of the organisers, especially Swetlana Kisselmann and Natalia to the participants of the festival. Everything was professional, starting from the meeting at the airport, the settling in the hotel, in fact most of the competition, the selected Festival area, the excursions and the airport transfer.

Most importantly !!! It was a real international competition with representatives from other countries and not just a competition between Russian groups on holidays or lets call it art-tourism. There was a high level of competition and even though our group didn’t receive many high rankings, for adult children it is more interesting to compete in such competitions. We would like to once more be part of such festival. You can not even imagine what charge of emotions it gave us.

Although, at first, we cautiously submitted the documents, because of a lot of information about the sanctions, publications on the Internet about the general negative attitude to Russians in Europe and also false publication probably written by competitors of Monolit Festivals about poor organisation of the competitions. However, thanks to your work, Julia and that you personally assisted once at a festival of this company, played a crucial role, so despite all the fears and conversations we decided to go and didn’t regret it for a minute.

A huge thanks to Monolit Festivals – to Swetlana and Natalia for their real professional work! PS we have selected a few pictures of the groups vocalists. Maybe they are useful to you. We very much hope that the company will yet be able to hold similar competitions in other countries of Europe. To Swetlana and Natalia – We wish you good luck and a lot of participants at your festivals.