2013 – Marathon of Talents in Europe – Anastasia Buriak

On 21st march, 2013 we came from Kiev to Spain to the Festival “Marathon of Talents in Europe” organised by Monolit Festivals.

We flew to Girona and from there we drove by car to Calella (Costa Brava).

Our group was small – the schoolgirl with her parents and me.

We already had experience of foreign competitions: Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Bulgaria, but we wanted to have something unusual.

Spain, for some reason, especially attracted us, and in spite of all kinds of obstacles, we went to the desired destination and were very, very happy!

Spain surprised us on the spot with its luxurious, exotic Mediterranean nature (hard to describe – a must see), its amazing roads (for us it is a sore subject), its extraordinary purity on the streets and the responsiveness and friendliness of the Spanish!

How is it possible to live like this: Siesta from 14.00 to 17.00 and at the same time keep up with everything! A Fairy Tale!

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