Event description


Musical bands and Majorettes/ Twirling Festival which counts with the support of the WAMSB and NBTA.

The dates for the next edition are from 3th till 9th October for the concert category and the marching band and Majorettes/ Twirling category.

  • The music groups taking part in the Festival have to be of amateur category.
  • The groups taking part in the competition should be registered at the Federation or Association of Bands, Marching Bands or Majorettes/Twirling of their own countries.
  • The groups must send their inscription as soon as possible.
  • You can download the inscription form here: Application.doc and send it to the email: info@www.monolitfestivals.com
  • The order in which the participants will take part in the contest will be decided by the Organization Committee, depending on the practical and logistical criteria.
  • All the groups taking part in this Festival should accept these basic rules.
  • The Organization of the Music Festival of Malgrat de Mar reserves the right to carry out any modifications which they deem necessary due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • You need to fill out the inscription form with all the group details for each type of competition you would like to participate.
  • Send a technical description of the group with the following information:
    • 1. Name of the group.
    • 2. Name of the conductor.
    • 3. How many group members make up the group.
    • 4. Curriculum vitae of the group (year of establishment, most recent festivals).
    • 5. A recent photo of the group in jpg format.
    • 6. Let us know if the group has any link where the Organization can check its performances.
  • All groups must fill out a sheet of their bank details. You have to give the sheet to the Organization Committee the first day you arrive in Malgrat de Mar (This is so we can transfer you the price money in case you win any).
  • ll groups will receive the norms, rules and evaluation from the jury.
  • The maximum time duration in this category during the competition day can be between 15 and 20 minutes. All bands have a maximum of 30 minutes on the stage and this includes: set-up, performance and removal of all instruments.
  • The competition place will be in a closed hall.
  • Each group should perform a minimum of 3 selected pieces. These selections remain “own choice” of the director, however there is a selection of music, based upon style that the judges would appreciate to hear:
  • A March (or Polka) or another type of musical selection typical to the nationality of the band performing, which is simply in one time signature and is not a multi movement or extended work.
  • Each group should perform at least 2 contrasting pieces for Concert Band. These pieces would be selected from the “serious band repertoire” of the country and/or band literature in general.
    • One selection should be lyrical.
    • The other selection should be a contrast to the first and could be more rhythmic.
  • The performance of “pop tunes” or selections that feature exclusively a certain soloist, section or vocalists are discouraged.
  • The most suitable selection of repertoire will be that which shows the major aspects of the entire band and all sections.
  • The use of a soloist for a short section of a selection is also good.
  • Six copies of the scores have to be handed in to the Organization Committee on the first day of your arrival at Malgrat de Mar. One of them will be kept at the Historical Festival Archives and the rest will be handed to the members of the Jury.
  • The jury members may wish to make comments directly on the scores. In this case the scores will be returned to the groups signed by the jury members making the comments.
  • Each score should have a technical presentation and the following information:
    • Name of the group.
    • Name of the director.
    • Name of the piece.
    • Composer, editor and date of the publication.
  • When a group is in starting position within the performance area ready to begin, their conductor/drum major should salute the Jury President with an acoustic or visual signal.
  • The time of performance begins with the first sound after the Jury Presidents commands the beginning of the performance.
  • When the performance is finished, the Drum Major will have to salute the Jury President again to signal the end of the performance.
  • On score of 100 points:
    • Tone and Intonation 20 points (Beauty, blend, control, chords, melodies)
    • Technique 20 points (Articulation, facility, precision, rhythm)
    • Balance 20 points (Ensemble, sectional)
    • Interpretation 20 points (Expression, phrasing, style, tempo)
    • Musical effect & other factors 20 points (Artistry, fluency, choice of music, instrumentation, discipline, appearance)
  • The performance time duration in this category during the competition day must be between 9 and 13 minutes. Entry and exit are not judged. The time keeping starts when the first music notes sound or the first movements are made after the speaker has given the “start the show”- sign.
  • Total time on the field must not exceed 20 minutes (this includes: setup + take down)
  • Bands should only play music when entering or exiting the field if it is part of the show (simple drum taps are allowed)
  • The band must indicate to the festival organization in advance when their show will begin (example: show begins upon entrance OR show begins in centre of the field)
  • The competition place will be the “Camp municipal d’Esports” and sizes are the sizes of a football green area
  • Participants may use their own field markers and are responsible to place and remove them within the same permitted field time allotted to all performing ensembles.
  • When a group is in starting position within the performance area ready to begin, their conductor/drum major should salute the Jury President with an acoustic or visual signal.
  • Time starts when the first band sound is heard after the jury president has given the start sign to the group.
  • Time keeping stops when the drum major has given a clear sign that the adjudicated part of the show has ended.
  • On score of 100 points:
    • Show design and drill: 20 points
    • Interpretation, music to drill: 20 points
    • Musical aspects, balance, tuning, …: 20 points
    • Structure and effects: 20 points
    • Knowledge and sensibility: 20 points

Technical manual for the Majorettes: HERE

  • The executive Director of the World Association of marching Show Bands and Life Member of the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles has been chosen by the Malgrat de Mar Festival Organizing committee to choose candidates in order to form an internationally acknowledged jury panel for the Concert band and Marching Show Band section of the Malgrat de Mar Music Festival.
  • National Baton Twirling Association – España has been chosen by the Malgrat Festival Organizing committee to choose candidates in order to form an internationally acknowledged jury panel for the Majorettes and Twirling section of the Malgrat de Mar Music Festival.
  • The curriculum of each judge will be available for anyone who wishes to consult them.
  • The jury panel members assigned are people with extensive musical and artistic knowledge in their areas of expertise and have been recognized in Spain and abroad as able to undertake their role as a jury.
  • During the contest, the jury will be away from the public, from the group directors and the groups and will be seated on a high stand.
  • Jury members will be completely objective and technical in their assessment of the performance of each participating group.
  • The evaluation criteria of the jury is free, but it will take into account all that is stated in the rules and evaluation criteria listed in the “jury Evaluation Form” applicable in each category.
  • During the prizes ceremony all the groups will receive a closed envelope with copies of the signed jury evaluation form with their commentaries.
  • The quality of the performance of individual groups will be rated by a private summary of the jury. This will be the determining factor of the groups’ evaluation. Each summary will include marks and any relevant commentaries.
  • The economic prizes of the winners in each group categories and the trophies will be given out by the organization and the jury members of each category.
  • The monetary awards are subject to the relevant income tax withholding.
  • The organization can cancel a category, if there are not enough groups in it to compete.
    • 1º. Prize: 2.500,00 €
    • 2º. Prize: 1.750,00 €
    • 3º. Prize: 1.000,00 €
    • 1º. Prize: 2.500,00 €
    • 2º. Prize: 1.750,00 €
    • 3º. Prize: 1.000,00 €
    • 1º. Prize: 2.500,00 €
    • 2º. Prize: 1.750,00 €
    • 3º. Prize: 1.000,00 €

This award is given by vote of the audience in the competition.This award has not an economic value.The winner group of this award will receive a trophy from the Festival Organization and it is open for each category: Concert Bands, Marching Bands, and Majorettes.


Only the performing groups, drum major/director and the organization staff can be on the performance area when any performance is taking place.

During the competition:

  • A member of the Jury will be timing the performances
  • The maximum execution time for each group is provided in each of the categories
  • The performance time will not take into account the time the group takes to enter and to leave the performance area

A group may be penalized for its inadequate behavior throughout the contest. In extremes cases, the group may be disqualified and expelled from the competition.

The use of instruments with amplifiers will be allowed if they are included in the performance score.

Any group that should require additional electricity should let the Organization Committee know at the time of the registration.


The Organization Committee will arrange all the publicity of the Competition and prepare the hall where the Competition will be held, supplying any tables, chairs, writing material for the judges, water for the judges, megaphone, presenter, etc.

It also will be necessary to acquire the permits and necessary infrastructure from the local Town Hall in order to hold the Competition with all the permits required. (It is necessary to have an insurance cover for Civil Responsibility in the case of any damages to property)

No entrance fee will be charged to watch the performances.

Places for authorities and the organizers’ special guests will be reserved.

A place will be put aside for the trophies.

At the end of the Championship, the winning group in each category can play a farewell performance.

The organizers reserve the right to use the pictures of the festival by promoting the festival grounds. In the event that the participating groups disagree, you must communicate so in writing to the organization.

  • Accommodation in a triple room 190€/ person – 27€/ person for a day extra
  • Accommodation in a double room 200€/ person – 27€/ person for a day extra
  • Accommodation in a single room 250€/ person – 37€/ person for a day extra
  • Registration 10 €/participant (pay only participants in the place of registration of groups).
  • All participants and visitors of the competition will be provided with:

    • Stay in a 3 stars hotel in Malgrat de Mar (6 nights). The hotel is located 60 km from Barcelona Airport and 35 km from Girona Airport. It is located in the city centre, 100 meters from the beach.
    • Two times food service (buffet)
    • Festival program and culture program
    • Certificates and prizes offered by the City Hall
    • An official invitation
    • Opportunity to visit the best places in Costa Brava (a big spectrum of excursions is offered for an additional payment)

    Attention: The price doesn’t include tourist tax!
    The tourist tax has to be paid to the hotel at the checkin. The price is 0,50€/ person/ night. This is only for people who are 17 years old and older.

    Additional payments
    • Visa
    • Medical insurance
    • Transport charges
    • Transfer Barcelona/ Girona Airport – hotel – Barcelona/ Girona Airport. If you wish, we can arrange a transfer for an additional payment. Participants arriving separately should pay separately
    • • Tourist Tax. 0,50€/ person/ night. Only for people who are 17 years old and older.
    For an additional payment, excursions can be organized:
    • 4 hours on a sailing catamaran ‘Sensation’ (includes food and drinks + swimming in a wild bay)
    • Excursion to Barcelona + musical fountains
    • Excursion to the Montserrat monastery
    • Knights tournament at the 18th century medieval castle
    • Show Flamenco ‘Noche Espanyola’
    • Theme park ‘Port Aventura’
    • Excursion to Girona and famous Dali Museum

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