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For the people accustomed to twirling competitions, this mode is very similar to the Show Corps.

All participants must use the baton and a minimum of two accessories and they must be related to the theme music chosen.

Accessories are considered anything that could be taken to the track athletes and it will be handled and used at least once during the performance.

No athlete may be more than 10 seconds without accessories and/or baton.

They are allowed on the floor exercises.

The releases are limited to two laps, and illusions are prohibited.


Groups must present two mandatory performances: A Parade Corps and other corps with accessory.
Also, the group may choose to present a third performance in the category of “twirling” and fight for the prize in this category (trophy only)

  • 1. Age Category:
    • for groups: Junior and Senior (Juvenile only for European Championship)
    • for duos ans Solo: Juvenile, Preteen, Junior and Senior
  • 2. Number in Corps:
    • for groups: Minimum of 10 members
    • for duos: 2 members
    • for solo: 1 member
  • 3. Performance Area: Total floor area
  • 4. Music: Style of recorded music is free. Recorded on only CD. No music for entry and exit.
  • 5. Time:
    • for groups: 4.00 – 6.00 minutes
    • for duos and solo: 2:00 to 2:30 minutes
  • 6. Costume: No bare midriff permitted.
  • 7. Acrobatics: Acrobatics are not permitted (cartwheels, walkovers, somersault, body aerials, butterflies).
  • 8. Production N.B.T.A. ESPAÑA:
    • A corps (of 10 or more components), duos or solo performing a routine to music of choice using baton and accessories.
    • Choreography should display solid foundations of twirling and excellence of basic twirling concepts.
    • The cane plus a minimum of 2 accessories are obligatory.
    • Accessories have to be used, held, touched or manipulated at sometime during the show.
    • Every competitor has to use an accessory during the whole time of the routine.
    • Exception: Member(s) can be without authorized equipment for a short while (maximum period of approximately 10 seconds) when changing from one piece of equipment to another.
    • The candidates must start and finish with one accessory in hand.
    • Accessories should be picked up and removed by the competitors at the end of the performance.
    • During the performance no member should leave the floor.
    • Accessories should be picked up and removed by the competitors at the end of the performance.
    • A maximum of 2’00 min. is given to the groups to install and remove the accessories.
    • Scenery, backdrops are not allowed.
    • Maximum of 2 spins permitted.
  • 9. Marking over 100 points:
    • Routine Design – 20 points.
    • Twirl & use of accessories: 1st. level – 20 points.
    • Body movements – 20 points.
    • Technique & Execution Quality – 20 points.
    • Showmanship, presentation – 20 points.
  • 10. Penalties
    • Drop 0,2 points.
    • Fall 0,2 points.
    • 2 hand catch 0,2 points.
    • Break 0,1 points.
    • Off pattern 0,1 point.
    • Unison 0,1 point.
    • Under/over time per second 0,1 point per second.
    • Costume 2,0 points.
    • Rule Violation 2,0 points.
    • Acrobatics Disqualification N.B.T.A. ESPAÑA.
  • Adscrita a N.B.T.A. Europe y a la Global Alliance
Age categories

The NBTA contest year commences on September 1st and finishes in August 31st of the next year.

The age is determined as at first day of September of the previous competition year.



  • Juvenile: up to 9 years.
  • Preteen: 10 – 12 years.
  • Junior: 13 – 15 years.
  • Senior: 16 +.


  • Junior: less than 16 years.
  • Senior: 16 years +.


  • Juvenile: combined ages of up to 18 years.
  • Preteen: combined ages of 19 to 24 years.
  • Junior: combined ages of 25 to 30 years.
  • Senior: combined ages of 31 years +.

The age of a duo is determined by the addition of the respective ages of the two contestants.

A duet contestant cannot enter two different duets, even if the age category is different.

  • Junior: average age less than 15 years.
  • Senior: average age 15 years +.

To determine the age category of a team, the average age of all the members should be calculated.

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