Our company consists of creative people and professionals specializing in the organization of festivals, events and the tourism field.

Our main objective is to help creative amateur associations to show and to express their talent participating in our international festivals, competitions and sport activities.

We have the possibility to arrange stages for you in various cities of the world where interesting and lively international festivals are being held. As we all know, there are no limits to creativeness!

We will take care of our guests and surround them with attention and concern, so that they will feel completely safe with us. This will allow them to concentrate on their rehearsals and they will leave back home with only positive and warm memories.

If you wish you could also receive master classes for the improvement of you talent. It will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Besides, our company provides services for conducting of seminars, forums and conferences. In addition, we would be happy to help to carry out a wedding, anniversary or a corporate evening. We hope that this special event will remain in your memory forever.

Our services:
  • Organization and conducting of international festivals of various amateur associations
  • Organization and conducting of sport activities
  • Business: Quality organization and conducting of forums, seminars and conferences
  • Formulation of visa and insurance
  • Hotel reservation
  • Transport services

If amongst the prepared programs you did not find what you were looking for, let us know and we will try to find or prepare an event especially for your association.

If you are wishing to participate in an event, you should select the suitable festival and fill out the specific form that is attached.

The purpose of international festivals is to grant the possibility to creative associations to demonstrate their skill to the public and to display the culture of their country.
By taking part in an international festival you will get to know other associations and exchange your experiences. You will obtain memorable prizes, certificates and diplomas on special stamped paper of Spain.

In their free time our participants will be given an extensive entertaining program, master classes, an evening of the getting together of participants and a wide program of excursions.

The organization and conducting of international children’s sport events aims to help you to achieve your goals and victory.

Participating in our festivals and events you will find loyal and reliable friends.

We are looking forward to meet you and wish you lots of success in your appearances on different stages of the world!